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Dachnik Double Trough

Modern 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Vertical Aquaponics Growing System.

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100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Double-Trough Vertical Aquaponics Growing System.

Ideal for commercial growing operations.

Dachnik Systems provide the highest yield per SqFt of any other Aquaponics system on the market.

This unit contains 1,152 grow holes (towers and rafts) and requires a 350 gallon fish tank. You can link as many of these together in a single line as your space allows. (Increasing tank size for each)

Designed to last a lifetime.


If you would like to order multiple units or are planning a commercial operation, please contact us prior to ordering for a custom quote as prices/shipping can adjust based on the number of units being ordered. We also offer custom design services and business plans for commercial operations.


H: 125.78”
W: 47.50”
L: 96”


• Stainless Steel Double Bed Stand Kit
• Fish Tank
• Pumps
• Tower Watering Harness
• Float Switch
• Gravity Feed Syphon from Tank to Bio-Filter
• Syphon Guard and Lid
• Bell Syphon Assembly
• 6 LED Hanging Tower Lights 150cm
• 12 LED Horizontal Raft Lights 120cm
• 30 Vertical Grow Towers
• Trolley & Tower Hanging Assembly
• Custom Commercial Grade Float Bed Rafts
• System Cycling Startup Kit

Does NOT include:

• Fish (local supplier)
• Lava Rock Grow Media (local supplier)
• Plant Grow Plugs for Towers/Rafts (Recommendation Here)
• Worms for Media Bed (Recommendation Here)

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