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Dachnik Double Trough

Modern 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Vertical Aquaponics Growing System.

Made in the USA

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100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Double-Trough Vertical Aquaponics Growing System.

Perfect for small farms, restaurants, schools, parks or anywhere else with a smaller space requirement.

Dachnik Systems provide the highest yield per SqFt of any other Aquaponics system on the market.

This unit contains 816 grow holes (towers and rafts) and requires a 350 gallon fish tank. You can link as many of these together in a single line as your space allows. (Increasing tank size for each)

Designed to last a lifetime.


If you would like to order multiple units or are planning a commercial operation, please contact us prior to ordering for a custom quote as prices/shipping can adjust based on the number of units being ordered. We also offer custom design services and business plans for commercial operations.


H: 125.78”
W: 47.50”
L: 96”


• Stainless Steel Double Bed Stand Kit
• Tower Pumps DC
• Tower Watering Harness
• Float Switch
• Circulation Pump
• Gravity Feed Syphon from Tank to Bio-Filter
• Syphon Guard and Lid
• Bell Syphon Assembly
• 6 LED Hanging Tower Lights 150cm
• 12 LED Horizontal Raft Lights 120cm
• 30 Vertical Grow Towers
• Trolley & Tower Hanging Assembly
• 2 Float Bed Rafts with Food Grade Hardened Exterior Liner – 5-10 Year Durability

Does NOT include:

• Fish Tank (Recommendation Here)
• Fish (local supplier)
• Lava Rock Grow Media (local supplier)
• Plant Grow Plugs for Towers/Rafts (Recommendation Here)
• Worms for Media Bed (Recommendation Here)

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