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We’ve spent over a decade designing and mastering our system design in order to bring you the best turn-key aquaponics system available.  The efficient use of space, water, energy and labor has constantly been our target. Our design solves these issues that has made commercial aquaponics unviable in the past. Now you can run a commercial Aquaponics farm and be profitable at the same time.

Thanks to our exclusive bio-filter design that combines both horizontal and vertical growing styles and patented tower design– our systems can grow more plants per sq. ft. than anything currently on the market. This makes our systems very profitable to run.

Whether you look at profit as balanced healthy food for you individually or a way to earn a good living by providing for others. We have a solution. It’s time. Food is the most important & valuable investment of our collective future.

Our smallest unit grows up to 784 plants in only 32 SqFt of space, while our largest (3-trough) commercial unit grows up to 1,392 plants per 32 SqFt of space and can scale to any size building.

We have unique and innovative solutions to make commercial Aquaponics a very profitable and fun business venture; and are planning on releasing our container and residential models in 2024.

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