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8-Cell Commercial Vertical Aquaponics System

An ideal starting point for any indoor farming entrepreneur.

Completely scalable with high return on investment potential.

100% Food Grade Stainless Steel.

8 cell Dachnik commercial aquaponics system

This 8-cell commercial farm requires a minimum space of 2,000 SqFt; and is compatible with our Single, Double or Triple-Trough units to accommodate for most ceiling heights.

Total Grow Holes (Harvested monthly):

Single-Trough: 7,232

Double-Trough: 9,344

Triple-Trough: 11,456

Revenue per grow hole is dependent on local market conditions, but based on our experience averages around $3.00-$4.00 depending on what is being grown.

Dachnik Aquaponics offers business plans that include all operating costs, revenue and profit that can be customized to your local market.


Single-Trough: $175,000

Double-Trough: $225,000

Triple-Trough: $280,000


• 8 Stainless Steel Aquaponics Bio-Filter Kits
• Stainless Steel Tower Pumps
• Tower Watering Harnesses
• Float Switches
• Circulation Pumps
• Gravity Feed Syphon from Tank to Bio-Filter
• Syphon Guard and Lid
• Bell Syphon Assembly
• LED Hanging Tower Lights
• LED Horizontal Raft Lights
• Vertical Grow Towers
• Trolley & Tower Hanging Assembly
• Float Bed Rafts

Does NOT include:

• Fish Tanks
• Greenhouse or Building Structure
• Lava Rock Grow Media
• Worms for Media Bed

Questions? Looking to create a custom business plan? Please Contact Us today!

Dachnik Aquaponics Systems are designed to be scalable to accommodate whatever size operation you can dream of.

large commercial aquaponics
Dachnik Aquaponics Vertical Growing Towers

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