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Dachnik Aquaponics is currently looking for a partner to invest in a 12,000 SqFt Commercial Aquaponics Facility to service the entire Salt Lake Valley in Utah.

This will be a State-of-the-Art Automated Vertical Aquaponics facility and is a special and unique approach to Aquaponics that’s never been done before.

Dachnik Aquaponics has invented a patent-pending vertical growing tower that increases plant yield by 4x of the leading vertical towers currently on the market. In addition, they’re also designed to significantly reduce labor costs and allows for automation from propagation to harvest. This provides the highest profitability per SqFt of any existing Aquaponics design to date.

The land is already acquired, the investment partner will only need to fund the greenhouse and Aquaponics system. The owners of the land will operate the facility. Dachnik will build the facility and provide ongoing support for life.

We are looking for serious investors who are passionate about the future of sustainable agriculture and applying cutting edge technology.

The ownership of this farm will be divided as follows:

45% – Capital Investor
45% – Land Owner and Facility Operator
10% – Dachnik Aquaponics

This will allow for a very attractive ROI for our investment partner with many additional opportunities in the future as we gain success.

This is only the beginning. This design is easily duplicatable anywhere in the world.

We will answer all questions over the phone or in person during a private tour of our current facility. Which is located on the same land we will be expanding on.

If interested, please Contact Us and we’ll respond ASAP:

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