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Why Us…

Our Systems work in harmony with nature to create a growing environment like no other. Each system takes on a life of its own with its own unique rhythm.  By balancing the enzymes & beneficial bacteria, we grow the best tasting, healthiest food on the planet.

  • The modular design allows individual beds to be put on pause for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Growing vertically outside of the media bed limits the amount of organic waste in the system which can disrupt the rhythm.
  • Unfortunately bad things do happen, but in our systems Pathogens and pests (if they aren’t big movers i.e. snails) are contained to one system.
We have learned a lot over the years and would love to assist you in providing healthy great tasting food for you, your family, community, customers; Whatever your goal, Dachnik Aquaponics is here to support you.

Download our latest company overview for 2017 & 2018.

The Situation…

Many of us enjoy the comforts of living in a time and place where people are free to pursue their inspiration because they are not concerned about their next meal. It’s wonderful how the 20th century farmer has allowed human creativity to be unleashed. We of course are mindful that too many around the world are still concerned about their next meal. It’s so easy for things to get out of harmony or out of balance. We now have foods containing pesticides, herbicides, & synthetic fertilizers. We also have some questionable genetically modified plants. We are not saying that it is all bad, but is it healthy? Is it balanced? Large groups are investing hundreds of millions into developing the next generation of farms. They see the consequences of past decisions on the ability to sustain food production. These groups are researching and mimicking nature in all ways possible and we hope for their success. We at Dachnik Aquaponics have chosen a similar but different path.

The Solution…

To create natures balance with an alternative farming practice requires some creativity & inspiration. Aquaponics has been an interest of researchers for years. Early challenges with media based systems caused researchers to abandon the benefits of media beds. Challenges with fish also led many to go to a purely hydroponic solution. Then there is the natural conclusion to go bigger for the economy of scale: bigger tanks, larger beds, & more fish equal fewer parts for more output. This approach has backfired as researchers fight with out of balance systems. So many of them have returned to hydroponic solutions and try to add in all the good things like worm tea, etc. The food looks great, but is it balanced? At Dachnik Aquaponics we asked ourselves, “What all is lost by not having fish waste, worms, and all the enzymes and micro-organisms all together?” Honestly, who truly knows? New benefits of some micro-organisms are being found all the time. So we decided to keep nature intact; water, fish, bacteria, plants, enzymes, micro-organisms and worms. Our patent pending design combines ebb and flow media grow bed technology, float bed/deep water technology, and vertical nutrient film technique all in one easy-to-manage design. We have found a balance. “God made worms for a reason. Worms are key” – Clynn Whitworth & Company

The Hope…

Our hope is that we may all have good health and access to food grown in a balanced way. In a short time, our systems have caught the attention of researchers, restaurant owners, orphanage sponsors, farmers, & individuals from around the world. Whether you go with a personal system or large commercial solution, we are here to support you on your journey. We hope to see healthy balanced food produced with your Dachnik system for years to come.

Dachnik Aquaponics