Residential 4 Bed Down Payment #1




Residential 4 Bed Description

Jump in and go for this system. It’s the size of the one you have seen in the pictures and videos.  Up to 4400 plants and fish topping out at approximately 800 lbs.


  • 1700 Gallon Fish Tank & Stand
  • 4 Complete Grow Media Beds
  • 72 Vertical Grow Towers with 48 Holes Each
  • 16 Lettuce Rafts with 72 Grow Holes Each
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
  • Piping, Pumps, Manual Valves
  • Float & Level Sensors
  • Dachnik Startup Kit: Grow Sponges, Water Test, Initial Nutrients, Sample Heirloom Seeds & Worms.
  • Everything You Need EXCEPT for the Greenhouse and the Fish. For Fish Please Contact a Local Supplier.


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